Anonymous Hits Israeli Car Companies

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Anonymous hackers have claimed responsibility for compromising the subdomains of Nissan and Dacia car companies in Israel. This is the latest incident is part of a larger campaign, #OpIsrael, which has been ongoing since the start of the Gaza war in October 2021.

The Hack

According to claims posted on X by Anonymous hackers, they successfully infiltrated and defaced subdomains of both and Screenshots shared by the group showed the targeted subdomain main pages displaying the iconic Anonymous logo.

The screenshots posted by Anonymous hackers, show the subdomains of Dacia ( and Nissan ( were infiltrated and defaced.

main domain pages were replaced by images of Anonymous logo. At the time of writing, Dacia subdomain appears to have issues, and looks compromised, which might confirm the legitimacy of the hackers’ claims

While the Nissan subdomain is currently working, it appears that Nissan’s team may have already fixed the issue on their end, as their site was functioning normally at the time of this report.

Context of #OpIsrael:

This cyberattack is part of a larger campaign known as #OpIsrael, which Anonymous and other active hacking groups have been launching since the outbreak of the Israeli war on Gaza that starts on October 2023.

The operation has targeted various Israeli organizations, including private companies, universities and government entities, with a range of cyber tactics such as data breaches and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

The group’s motivations are likely political, as they seek to draw attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the humanitarian situation in Gaza, the war that has -so far- claimed the lives of over 40,000 civilians.

Timeline of Major Cyber Attacks against Israel Since October 2023

Since the start of the Gaza war in October 2023, Israel has faced a significant number of reported major security incidents. Here is a timeline of some of them:

October 2023: Multiple Israeli entities were hit with major cyber attacks following the outbreak of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

October 2023: Hackers hacked the Israeli RedAlert app, that provides real-time rocket alerts for Israelis.

November 2023: The Israel Airports Authority reported a cyberattack that disrupted its website.

November 2023: Pro-Palestinian Hackers Target IDF Website.

December 2023: Hackers Claim to Breach Israeli Defense Force Medical Data

December 2023: Several Israeli media outlets, including The Jerusalem Post and Maariv, faced cyberattacks that temporarily took their websites offline.

December 2023: An attack on Israel’s electrical grid was reported and a major major blackout occurred, but Israeli power firm denied cyberattack claims.

January 2024: Palestinian Hackers Hit 100 Israeli Organizations in Destructive Attacks.

March 2024: Several Israeli universities reported data breaches, with hackers claiming to have accessed student and faculty information.

March 2024: More than 740GB of sensitive data claimed to be stolen from the Israeli company, Viber.

March 2024: Hackers claim to have breached Israeli nuclear facility’s computer network.

March 2024: Anonymous Sudan Strikes Israeli Telecoms Giant in Cyber Attack

March 2024: Destructive BiBi Malware Strikes Israeli Firms.

April 2024: Israel’s Justice Ministry reviewing ‘cyber incident’ after hacktivists’ claim hacking into it’s network.

April 2024: International hackers breach sensitive data in Israel.

April 2024: Hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens have reportedly received threatening text messages from an Iranian threat group after it claimed to have breached Israel’s radar systems.

June, 2024: The Israeli subdomains of Nissan and Dacia, two major car manufacturers, were targeted by Anonymous hackers as part of the ongoing #OpIsrael campaign..

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