Hackers Target Israeli Nuclear Center Amid Gaza Tensions

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The ‘Anonymous’ hackers has unleashed a digital blow against Israel’s nuclear program in retaliation for the escalating violence in Gaza. In a statement posted on X, the group claims to have infiltrated systems at the Israeli Dimona Nuclear Research Center, wiping data and exfiltrating a trove of sensitive documents.

According to Anonymous’s announcement , the hackers could obtain 7GB of internal files spanning PDFs, emails, spreadsheets, presentations and more. This includes over 4,000 PDFs, 5,000 emails, hundreds of Excel and Word documents, as well as additional unspecified material.

“We have targeted some servers of the baby killer regime’s nuclear organizations,” the statement reads. “In this operation, while wiping and destroying the data, we saved a part of it which includes 7GB [of] data that we will disclose to the people of the world.”

The self-proclaimed hackers assert their strike is a direct response to the ongoing Israeli military offensive in Gaza. While the extent and impact of the breach remain unconfirmed, the incident underscores cyber threats facing critical infrastructure amid geopolitical conflicts.

Anonymous’ allegation of a successful infiltration at a nuclear facility is certainly alarming. However, the collective has a mixed record of proving the authenticity of its claims. As the digitally-driven hacktivism unfolds, cybersecurity experts warn organizations to bolster defenses against potential retaliatory attacks.

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