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UAC-0050 Hackers Elevate Tactics with Stealthy Remcos Malware Techniques

A new report reveals that a hacker group engaged in cyber espionage against Ukraine is enhancing its techniques for increased stealth and effectiveness. Identified as [more…]

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NFT Trader Faces Security Breach as Valuable Assets Worth $2.4 Million Stolen

P2P trading platform NFT Trader has fallen victim to a suspected cyberattack. A significant number of high-value NFT assets, including 37 Bored Ape Yacht Club [more…]

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Anonymous Sudan Targets UAE Pass Digital Infrastructure

The mysterious hacking group, Anonymous Sudan claimed responsibility for a recent cyberattack on the UAE Pass digital infrastructure. The attack targeted various critical components, including [more…]

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Torrington Middle School Continues Classes Despite Student’s Email Hack and False Bomb Threat


In a concerning incident, Torrington Middle School faced a disruptive situation as police reported that a student had hacked into a classmate’s email account to [more…]