State of Victoria, Australia Fire Department’s Data is Being Sold on Dark Web

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Data stolen in a cyber attack on Fire Rescue Victoria has reportedly surfaced on the dark web. The attack, which occurred in late 2020, resulted in the theft of personal information of both staff and volunteers. Fire Rescue Victoria is a fire and rescue service in the state of Victoria, Australia

The information that has been found on the dark web includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. It is not known how much data was stolen in the initial attack, but it is believed that the information being sold on the dark web is only a small portion of the total data taken.

According to Australian Cybersecurity Magazine, Fire Rescue Victoria has stated that they are cooperating with law enforcement in the ongoing investigation of the attack. In addition, they have advised individuals whose information may have been stolen to be vigilant about any suspicious emails or phone calls, and to monitor their financial accounts for any suspicious activity.

This incident highlights the importance of protecting personal data and the potential consequences of data breaches. It also serves as a reminder for organizations to ensure they have robust security measures in place to protect against cyber attacks and to be prepared to respond quickly in the event of a breach.

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