Hackers Leak Thousands of Israeli Student Records in Massive Breach

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In a major data breach, hackers linked to Iran have managed to steal sensitive information from thousands of Israeli college students. The stolen data includes IDs, credit card details, and other personal documents from multiple higher education institutions across the country.

The Hackers 120 gigabytes of data from Sapir College alone. The stolen Sapir College’s data was uploaded to Darkweb and to multiple Telegram channels.

Our team was able to obtain the leaked data from this breach. After thoroughly examining it, we can validate that the hackers do indeed have leaked to a trove of highly sensitive Israeli student information including ID numbers, credit cards, personal documents and more.

A screenshot of some of the leaked data that was obtained by our team

Sapir College, located in the northwestern Negev desert near Sderot, with over 8,000 registered students. Named after an Israeli politician Pinchas Sapir, the college stands less than two miles from Gaza borders.

According to YNET,The Iran linked hackers have managed to steal information from other colleges like Sakhnin and the Police Academy in Beit Shemesh. They even circulated videos showing their ability to infiltrate the systems and footage of the CEO of an Israeli cybersecurity company and his family.

The company behind the compromised system, MalamTeam, admitted that while they had rolled out an update to fix the issue two years ago, numerous colleges neglected to transition to the new secure version. After initially trying to deflect blame, MalamTeam conceded that the colleges dropping the ball on updates led to this debacle.

Cyber attacks on Israeli networks have been surging, amid the ongoing Gaza conflict. Pro-Palestinian hacker groups have been launching multiple cyber attacks against Israeli targets. While some attacks aim for data theft like this Sapir College breach, others have also defaced and DDoS attacked websites.

Anonymous Sudan has claimed responsibility for an earlier successful DDoS attack against Sapir College’s networks. A DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) is an attack aimed to overwhelm the target victims with massive amounts of traffic to make it inaccessible to legitimate users.

A screenshot of Anonymous Sudan’s announcement
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