UK Police Gear Up with £1.5m Darkweb Intel Software

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In a bid to bolster the fight against cybercrime, police forces throughout the UK are set to gain access to advanced software designed to navigate the depths of the dark web. The City of London Police, serving as the National Police Chiefs’ Council Cybercrime Programme hub, has initiated a procurement process to acquire a state-of-the-art dark web intelligence tool, utilizing a ‘software-as-a-service’ model for widespread use across law enforcement agencies.

The commercial notice reveals the City of London Police’s quest for suppliers capable of delivering a cutting-edge technology solution. The desired tool will employ web-scraping techniques to empower investigators with an enhanced level of capability, drawing from current data collections on the open, deep, and dark web, including leaked forums.

The dark web, inaccessible through conventional search engines, poses a challenge to law enforcement due to its role in facilitating illegal trade and other illicit activities. The sought-after software is envisioned to offer a user-friendly web-based interface, enabling efficient case management, advanced investigative features such as searching, tagging, and reporting, and a granular focus with capabilities like timeline filtering and real-time monitoring of specific artifacts or keywords.

Moreover, the selected software is expected to seamlessly integrate with existing tools dedicated to investigating blockchain environments, providing a comprehensive solution for law enforcement agencies tackling cybercrime.

The City of London Police’s investment in this specialized dark web tool is framed as an enhancement to an already successful Cybercrime Programme, which has been at the forefront of cybercrime prevention since 2018. The program boasts significant achievements in both strategic and operational goals, contributing to the conviction of cybercriminals and the disruption of sophisticated, financially motivated cybercrime activities.

The procurement process outlines an initial one-year contract, valued at £500,000, with the potential for two additional 12-month extensions. To participate in the bidding process, interested firms must sign a non-disclosure agreement, and bids are accepted until January 8th.

This initiative underscores the commitment of the City of London Police and the wider law enforcement community to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, ensuring that cutting-edge technology is harnessed to combat criminal activities on the dark web effectively.

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