The French Left Party Website Targeted

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The website of The Left Party, a prominent French political party known for its progressive stances on social issues and its opposition to unregulated immigration, was recently targeted by a cyberattack claimed by the hacking group KyotoSH Security.

The Left Party, also known as “Parti de gauche”, is a French political party established in 2009. It is considered a left-wing party, advocating for social justice, environmental protection, and a strong welfare state. The party has been critical of what it perceives as the negative impacts of unregulated immigration, calling for stricter border controls and a more comprehensive integration process for immigrants. However, it is crucial to note that the party distinguishes itself from far-right groups by advocating for humane treatment of immigrants and opposing discriminatory policies.

KyotoSH Security’s statement

The motivations behind the attack remain unclear. The KyotoSH Security hacking group, is known for its past cyberattacks against various entities, has not disclosed its specific objectives in targeting The Left Party’s website.

A list of the alleged leaked data.
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