Indian Burger Chain Hacked by Pakistani Group

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Popular Indian fast food company Burger Singh recently faced a cyberattack when their website was hacked by a Pakistani group called Team Insane PK. However, instead of quickly restoring their site, Burger Singh’s clever response treated the hack as an “open mic night”, keeping the hackers’ digital graffiti up for a full day.

The hack came in response to a past Burger Singh promotion code, “Fpak20”, which offered discounts with some geopolitical snark towards Pakistan. Though meant as harmless marketing, it seems to have landed as an affront. Still, Burger Singh took the website defacement in stride.

Rather than restoring it’s website and removing the defacement left by the hackers, the company left it in place, using the incident as an opportunity to generate buzz and emphasize their ability to take obstacles in stride. As they put it, their “digital hiccup” won’t slow their journey of “more burgers than breaches.”

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