Philippine Coast Guard Facebook Hacked Again!

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The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) is facing another social media security breach. Their official Facebook page was hacked on Good Friday, March 29, 2024.

Hackers Take Over PCG Facebook Page

According to PCG officials, an unidentified hacker gained access to the Facebook page. The hacker didn’t leave any traces on the security measures in place, such as the official email address and the phone number used for two-factor authentication.

The hack happened while the PCG’s Public Affairs team (CGPAS) was busy with a workshop. Hackers took advantage of this time to upload two disturbing short videos.

A screenshot of a post on the Philippine Coast Guard’s Facebook account.

Regaining Control and Investigation

The PCG is currently working to regain control of their Facebook page. They’ve reached out to the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) for assistance. The CICC will investigate the security breach and help the PCG secure their account.

Another screenshot of a post on the Philippine Coast Guard’s Facebook account.

In the meantime, the PCG is directing followers to their temporary page, Tanod Baybayin.

Not the First Time

This is unfortunately not the first time the PCG has faced a cyberattack this year. Back in February, hackers also infiltrated their Facebook page and website, posting similar malicious videos. The February attack was traced back to a Chinese telecom company.

These repeated hacks highlight the importance of cybersecurity for government agencies. The PCG is taking steps to improve their online security measures and prevent future attacks.

The PCG will provide updates on the situation through their official channels, including Tanod Baybayin and (once regained) their Facebook page.

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