Hackers Threaten America’s Water Supply

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Cyberattacks are increasingly targeting water and wastewater facilities throughout the United States. And frankly, we’re not doing near enough to protect this vital resource from malicious hackers.

The White House and Environmental Protection Agency just delivered a warning to governors across USA. In a letter sounding the alarm, top officials like EPA Administrator Michael Regan and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that governments and water utilities urgently need to ramp up their cyber defenses against this escalating digital onslaught.

As the letter states, “We need your support to ensure that all water systems in your state comprehensively assess their current cybersecurity practices.” Why? Because in too many cases, even basic security measures are lacking at these facilities. And as Regan and Sullivan emphasized, “Even basic cybersecurity precautions can mean the difference between business as usual and a disruptive cyberattack.”

To help tackle this problem, the EPA is creating a special task force to identify the most glaring cyber vulnerabilities plaguing America’s water infrastructure. The agency will also meet with state homeland security and environmental representatives to map out a stronger cybersecurity game plan for the nation’s 150,000 public water systems.

While no hacking crews have actually poisoned local water supplies yet, the incidents represent alarming trial runs. That’s why the Biden administration is pushing so hard for the water sector to get its cyber shields up ASAP through a combination of new regulations and federal cybersecurity aid.

After all, the consequences of a successful assault on our drinking water could be devastating for public health. Communities need to get serious about water system cybersecurity before hackers really make us thirsty.

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