German Police Shuts Down Nemesis Darkweb Marketplace

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German police have seized the infrastructure of Nemesis Darkweb marketplace in Germany and Lithuania. Nemesis Market, is an online black market for all kinds of illegal goods and services.

Nemesis market, launched in 2021, had swiftly grown into a thriving platform for trading illicit goods and services. With over 150,000 registered users and more than 1,100 active vendors, buying and selling everything from illegal drugs and stolen data to other illegal services like counterfeits, defense/intelligence, ransomware, phishing scams, and DDoS attacks.

The only services banned Nemesis market were child exploitation, hiring hitmen, selling weapons, and deadly Fentanyl drugs. You had to use Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR) in order to make purchases on Nemesis.

On Wednesday, March 20th, German federal police (BKA) and cybercrime investigators in Frankfurt teamed up to raid locations in Germany and Lithuania where Nemesis’ infrastructure is hosted. They seized the website, computers running it, and around $100,000 in cash profits.

According to the German police, nearly one-fifth of the sellers on Nemesis are believed to be based in Germany, The seizure followed an investigation in cooperation with the FBI, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation.

Nemesis’s homepage. Credit The Tor Times

Now if you try visiting the Nemesis site, you’ll just see a banner announcing the police takeover. The German police even left behind a little retro video game animation celebrating their victory – it shows a spaceship shooting down the Nemesis logo!

Francis, Nemesis’s administrator created a new account on Dread, the onion based forum, and warned users that the market had been seized.

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