Hacker Claims Hacking Coin Cloud, Leaving Customer Data at Risk

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The cybersecurity community, vx-underground, reported on X, previously known as Twitter, that an unidentified group of hackers is asserting to have successfully infiltrated Coin Cloud, a now-bankrupt Bitcoin ATM company.

According to vx-underground, the hackers have obtained an extensive trove of sensitive information, including 70,000 customer selfies captured by cameras embedded in the ATMs. The compromised data allegedly comprises personal details of around 300,000 customers, such as Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, first and last names, email addresses, telephone numbers, current occupations, physical addresses, and more.

No individual or entity has come forward publicly to claim responsibility for the security breach. A month after the purported incident, the true extent of what transpired at Coin Cloud remains shrouded in mystery, with even the company’s new owner unable to shed light on the situation.

Coin Cloud, once a prominent operator of Bitcoin ATMs across the United States and Brazil, faced financial troubles and filed for bankruptcy in February. In a subsequent move, Genesis Coin, another player in the Bitcoin ATM space, acquired a substantial number of ATMs—5,700 to be precise—from the now-defunct Coin Cloud in July. This acquisition followed Genesis Coin’s earlier purchase in January, where it was acquired by Andrew Barnard and an associate. These new owners already possessed another cryptocurrency ATM company, Bitstop.

As the investigation into the alleged breach unfolds, the fate of the compromised customer data and the potential repercussions for those affected hang in the balance. The cryptocurrency community and stakeholders alike anxiously await further updates on this developing situation.

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