Gaza Tensions Spur Hacking Spree on Campuses

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Gaza war has fueled another wave of cyber attacks against Israel. Hacktivist group Anonymous Sudan has claimed responsibility for a recent cyber attack targeting multiple Israeli universities.

The list of targeted institutions includes big educational hubs such as the Weizmann Institute of Science, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Ben Gurion University, University of Haifa, and Bar Ilan University.

In a message posted on the the group’s Telegram channel titled “BIG ISRAELI UNIVERSITY CYBER ATTACK.” , the Anonymous Sudan launched their cyberattack as a protest against Israel’s perceived genocidal campaign on Gaza and drew attention to the dire situation in Sudan. Signed off as “Anonymous Sudan,” the group claimed responsibility for any damage inflicted on Israeli universities, citing collateral damage in their pursuit of drawing global attention to their cause.

Anonymous Sudan’s announcement

In their announcement, Anonymous Sudan gave more details about the attack and issued a warning to Israel. They claimed to have launched DDoS attacks against the universities’ infrastructure, as part of operation execute the operation, potentially explaining interruptions experienced by the Israeli universities.

Israeli authorities have not yet commented publicly on the purported hacks. However, the recent hostilities in Gaza appear to be the reason behind the recent increase of number of publicly announced cyber attacks against against Israeli infrastructure and institutions.

Anonymous Sudan is a hacktivist group that emerged in early 2023 following a controversial event in Sweden. They usually launch Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) to knock their target’s network offline. Anonymous Sudan has also working with pro-Russian hacking groups like Killnet to attack collaborate their attacks.

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