LockBit Adds El Ezaby Pharmacy to Their Victim List

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Another day, another ransomware attack hitting the headlines. This time, the notorious LockBit ransomware hacking group claims to have breached the systems of El Ezaby Pharmacy, one of Egypt’s largest pharmacy chains.

According to LockBit’s announcement, El Ezaby has just one day to pay the ransom demand. If they fail to comply, LockBit threaten to publicly leak the stolen data online for public downloads.

El Ezaby Pharmacy, that has been supplying medicine and healthcare products across Egypt for over 40 years. On their ransomware data leak site, LockBit has added El Ezaby to their “victim list”, which is cybercriminal lingo for claiming responsibility for a successful attack.

Screenshot from LockBit TOR website

El Ezaby has yet to officially confirm the breach.

El Ezaby was founded in 1975 by Dr. Ibrahim El Ezaby, the company started as a single community pharmacy in Cairo. Through hard work and a commitment to quality, it grew rapidly to become one of Egypt’s largest pharmaceutical retailers and distributors.

Today, El Ezaby Pharmacy operates a nationwide chain of over 300 stores and employs over 4,500 people across its pharmacies, distribution centers, factories and head office. It serves millions of Egyptians by making medicines, supplements and personal care items easily accessible.

The LockBit hacking group is responsible for developing and distributing a cloud based ransomware “LockBit”. LockBit operates through an affiliate model, where individuals or groups (affiliates) are recruited to distribute the ransomware and carry out attacks on behalf of the core LockBit developers.

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