Israel Confirms Hackers Breached Justice Ministry

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The Israeli Justice Ministry announced it is investigating a “cyber incident” on Friday. This comes after activist hackers “Anonymous for Justice” protesting the ongoing war in Gaza claiming that they managed to access the ministry’s servers and leak hundreds of gigabytes of sensitive data.

The Israeli ministry acknowledged the security incident on Friday, saying it’s security experts are working to understand the scope of this security breach and the implications of the stolen data. They emphasized that a full analysis will take time, as they need to examine the content and sources of the leaked documents.

A group of Hackers called Anonymous for Justice who are protesting against the war in Gaza, has claimed responsibility for the cyber attack, where they managed to breach servers of Israel’s Ministry of Justice in multiple coordinated attacks which have resulted in the theft of nearly 300 gigabytes of sensitive data from the Israeli government agency.

The leaked data includes official letters, documents, employee records with names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. The alleged leaked data is available to download through various Telegram channels.

This new cyber attack against Israel comes after the high tensions in the region due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Since the start of the war, Israeli forces have killed more than 33,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians and wounded at least 75,000 others, according to Gaza health ministry.

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