Hackers Leak Database Exposing 5 Million Salvadoran Citizens’ Data

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Hackers have leaked a massive database containing the full data and high-quality images of 5 million Salvadorans citizens.

The leaked data includes:
Identification Document (DUI) Numbers
Full Names (First and Last)
Dates of Birth
Telephone Numbers
Email Addresses
Home Addresses

Screenshot of the leaked data – BreachForums

The leaked data, was posted on the well-known hacking forum “Breach Forums” as well as a dedicated Telegram channel, where the entire leaked database is available for download. Our team was able to obtain a sample of the leaked data, but we couldn’t verify the authenticity of the data.

Screenshot of the Telegram channel where leaked DB can be downloaded.

Exposed sensitive data like ID numbers, addresses, and phone numbers can be exploited for malicious uses, including:

Identity Theft: Criminals can use the leaked data to impersonate victims identities and open fraudulent bank accounts, obtain credit cards, or make unauthorized purchases.
Targeted Scams: Hackers may use the leaked personal details to launch phishing campaigns or social engineering attacks specifically designed to deceive victims.
Physical Harm: In some cases, leaked data could be used to stalk, harass, or even harm individuals.

What to to do if you live in Salvador?

If you’re a Salvadoran citizen and believe your information might be included in this data breach, don’t hesitate to report the incident to the Salvadoran authorities.

Change your passwords: Update your passwords for all online accounts, especially those connected to banks, email, crypto exchanges and social media.
Monitor your accounts: Watch for any suspicious activity on your bank accounts, check credit reports regularly. Report any irregularities to the Salvadoran authorities immediately.
Enable MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication): Whenever possible, activate multi-factor authentication on all of your accounts.

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